Allan Morgan

Hall of Fame • Class of 2009

In 1986 Allan Morgan became the first paid Executive Director of the Knoxville Track Club, and over the next eighteen years stewarded the club to levels never previously conceived of.

His first main accomplishment set the stage for all that was to come when he created the concept of and implemented the idea of a full time, paid ED to manage the club and incorporate a sense of professionalism into all aspects of the KTC.

In the first ten years of Allan’s tenure, 1986-1996, KTC grew from 700 to 2000 members. This phenomenal growth was accompanied by a whole new range of benefits for club members. KTC took its place as one of the largest and most active clubs, not only in the Southeast but in the entire country at large. Also KTC realized itself as a professional business by receiving 501-3C non-profit status and by hiring a CPA to make certain we were acting responsibly.

Allan oversaw an entire new schedule of races, many developed in his first five years on the job, including many that exist today: Fireball, Autumnfest, Dogwood, Straw Plains, Calhouns, New Years Day, Summer Solstice and Carter Mill. These new KTC events demonstrated a whole new level of excellence with shirts, greatly expanded awards, a professional sound system, a wide range of KTC apparel on display and for sale, implementation of RunScore and computerized registration for timing and results, increased signage, enhanced refreshments, and indoor venues for cold weather races.

One of Allan’s most important contributions was developing a new system to locate, nurture, train, recognize and reward an enlarged body of volunteers. "Volunteer Spirit at it Finest" was born and grew incrementally from 1988-95.

He took our club newsletter from two-three sheets stapled together in 1987 to setting the stage for the award winning publication we all now take for granted. By 1992 Footnotes began to win regional and national honors and still continues today.

His involvement with the Road Runners Clubs of America culminated in National recognition with the staging of the 1996 RRCA National Convention, a wonderful three day festival impossible without Allan’s energetic leadership.

During his tenure, the club began to provide technical assistance and personnel to make it possible for scores of East Tennessee non-profit organizations to stage their own events. Such assistance not only promoted KTC in the community at large but also greatly increased the variety of offerings for road racing opportunities for all. Between 1986 and 2000, the number of assisted organizations increased from two to more than twenty-five.

His stalwart leadership helped develop the framework and funding for tremendous growth in our youth athletics program.

In 1990 KTC, at Allan’s urging, created our Adopt a Highway Program and a few years later, our Adopt a Creek Program.

His retirement in 2004 left a legacy of accomplishment and achievement, the breadth and duration of which will not likely be replicated.