Stanley Underwood

Hall of Fame • Class of 2009

A member of the KTC for almost thirty years, Stanley Underwood first volunteered as an official following his 1990 retirement from management in the insurance claims industry. His role models, Hal Canfield and Bob Neff, set high standards and provided ample guidance.

His management experience provided insight into meet management; a track meet and a catastrophic storm have much in common, but a track meet may be controlled with well-trained officials. Serving as Meet Director for the 1993 AAU Junior Olympic Games, Stanley began an aggressive campaign to recruit and train local officials. The group grew from twenty or so to over 100 in the first year. At the same time, Stanley began to specialize as a pole vault official – becoming a Master Official in 1997.

In 1998, Stanley was appointed as USATF Official Certification Chair for the state of Tennessee. Continuing his aggressive recruitment, the number of USATF Certified Officials in Tennessee rose from 100 to 207 in 2008 with the KTC Officials serving as the nucleus for the entire state. Tennessee is number twelve among the fifty-six USATF Associations in certified officials.

As an active official, Stanley served as Chief Vault Judge for the USATF Indoor Championship from 1999 through 2004. He was Chief Vault Judge for both the 2000 and 2004 USOC Olympic Trials in Sacramento. From 1998 through 2008, he was Chief Vault Judge at five NCAA Division I Championships, six NCAA Division II Championships, numerous SEC, ACC, Sun Belt, Southern, and Atlantic Sun Conference Championships, as well as many VTC, Sea Ray, KIL, and other meets in the area.

At the 2004 USATF Annual Meeting, Stanley was awarded the Horace Crow, Jr. Award as The Outstanding Field Event Official for his service. He has also been twice recognized as an Outstanding USATF Official in the Tennessee Association. The Men’s Track Staff at Tennessee awarded him their Lifetime Achievement Award for his work at Tom Black Track.

Beginning in 1992, he served as Coordinator of Officials for the KTC until 2006; he was Coordinator of Officials for the University of Tennessee until 2005 and continues to serve as Technical Coordinator for Tom Black Track.

Facing the reality that no one really needs a 70 year old vault official, Stanley retired as an active official at the close of the 2008 USOC Olympic Trials. He continues as USATF Certification Chair for Tennessee.