Wendy Williams

Hall of Fame • Class of 2016

A record is kept of State of Tennessee single-age state running records on staterunningrecords.com. Wendy Williams at one point in time had close to forty state records. Today she still holds 29 state running records at various distances, records established over a great many years of competing.

Some of Wendy’s most impressive records that are still standing today include:

• 1990 at age 57, 4-mile in 27:07
• 1991 at age 58, 5k in 20:58
• 1991 at age 58, 15k in 1:07:04
• 1991 at age 58, half marathon in 1:38:13
• 1997 at age 64, 1-mile in 6:48
• 1999 at age 67, Memphis Marathon in 4:04:07

As impressive as her state records are, Wendy’s history of volunteering at KTC events is even more impressive. Wendy has been volunteering for every sort of KTC race and function for years and years. Besides working at KTC races, Wendy has been a member of the Tennessee/KTC Track & Field Officials Association for many years. She has helped officiate many Vol Classic meets and Sea Ray Relay meets.

Wendy, who resides in Oak Ridge, was recognized for her achievements when she was inducted into the Anderson County Hall of Fame in 2010.