One of the most visible projects of the KTC is the Adopt-a-Highway program, coordinating bimonthly pickups of trash along a two mile stretch of Middlebrook Pike in West Knoxville.

Keeping our highways and byways litter free is important to runners and the community as a whole. In addition, cleaning up our environment has many other rewards. Former KTC president Sherman Ames earned many rewards, including a CD player and a down parka from turning in cigarette packs he picked up "on the run". Camaraderie and fun are two reasons people get into the KTC spirit and join the club!

Participation earns you one KTC volunteer coupon.

For information on the next Adopt-a-Highway cleanup, contact Chuck Dellinger. Participating members will meet at the Middlebrook Pike entrance to Bearden Middle School, just east of Vanosdale. Be there!