Team Relay and Competitive Team Travel

Funding Guidelines

To receive funding, a team must follow the guidelines listed below.
(Please note that the Board of Directors may ask for additional incentives depending on the requested amount of funding.)

• Team name must contain Knoxville Track Club.
• Team name/KTC must be used in all promotional materials and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
• All team members must be current members of the Knoxville Track Club.
• Funding will be provided on a first-come first-served basis based on the funds allocated in the annual budget for the fiscal year January-December. Once the budgeted funds for the year are exhausted additional requests will generally not be considered (the board may consider a special request based on extraordinary circumstances).
• Funding will only be provided for team entry fees. Other travel expenses are the responsibility of the team.
• Regardless of budget, all requests for funding require board approval.
• Team apparel should have KTC logo displayed in proportion to other financial sponsors in relation to amount of money donated to team.
• Team should provide post event write-up to Michael deLisle for publication in Footnotes Magazine
• It is favorable for team members to be contributing volunteers to one of the many KTC programs (Youth Athletics, Trail Racing, Road Racing, or CHKM).

KTC has car magnets available for use by teams for display during race. Please contact the KTC office at to arrange pick-up and return of magnets.