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Since 2004, KTC has offered a slate of offroad races designed to both challenge veteran trail runners and entice and nurture newcomers to the sport. First as the Mayors Cup Series of Off Road Racing, which for four years drew small but enthusiastic crowds of trail buffs to wonderful and oft underutilized city and county parks for races on single track trails and on grass, then as an XTERRA series, the series offered anywhere from half a dozen or more venues in the Knoxville area for trail racing.

In 2008, KTC formed a Trails Committee and charged the group with presenting a comprehensive schedule of off road events to attract larger crowds and bring trail running to the forefront of running consciousness, and since then the series has expanded to more than a dozen races annually at not only city and county parks, but state parks throughout East Tennessee.

The committee presents the following schedule for the 2018 Treadin' Trodden Trails Off Road Racing Series. Our season is dedicated to our brother and fellow Trail Committee member, Kerry Trammell, who passed away on January 10, 2013.

Special 2018 Multi-Race Registration Deal - Eight for $88!

As in the past, Treadin' Trodden Trails offers a multi-race discount for runners who register ONLINE ONLY — PRIOR to the Wanderers' Trail Race — for the following package of series races.

• Wanderers Trail Race - Jan 14
• Dark Hollow Wallow - Mar 11 (note changed date)
• North Boundary Traverse - Apr 8
• Baker Creek Blitz - May 13
• Sharps Ridge Scuttle - Jun 9
• Beatin' a Hastie Retreat - Jul 8
• Haw Ridge Trail Race - Aug 11
• I.C. King and Queen of Darkness Race - Oct 12

The other four events have multiple distance and registration fee options that make their inclusion problematic, so for this year we're offering these eight races for a healthy discount. Despite rising costs, we're holding our price for the multi-race series at eleven bucks a race. Compare that with a $35 or $40 5k! Where else can you have so much fun for next to nothing? Deal expires 1/12/2018.

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Even More Special 2018 Kids Multi-Race Registration Deal - Nine for $29!

As in the past, Treadin' Trodden Trails offers a multi-race discount for runners who register ONLINE ONLY — PRIOR to the Wanderers' Trail Race — for the following package of Kids Trail Mile races.

• Wanderers Kids Trail Mile - Jan 14
• Dark Hollow Kids Trail Mile - Mar 11 (note changed date)
• North Boundary Kids Trail Mile - Apr 8
• Baker Creek Kids Trail Mile - May 13
• Sharps Ridge Kids Trail Mile - Jun 9
• Beatin' a Hastie Retreat Kids Trail Mile - Jul 8
• Haw Ridge Kids Trail Mile - Aug 11
• I.C. King and Queen of Darkness Kids Trail Mile - Oct 12
• Loyston Point Kids Trail Mile - Dec 8

The other three events have multiple distance and registration fee options that make their inclusion problematic, so for this year we're offering these nine fun kids trail races for about three bucks a race. Three bucks! Where else can you have so much fun for next to nothing? Deal expires 1/12/2018.

Online registration for Kids Nine for 29 Series Deal

Wanderers' Trail Race
January 14, 2018 — 2:00 pm (1:30 kids race)

Kathy Smith - Race Director

This race was a four miler for many years but in 2017 we changed to a rip-snorter of a 5k trail course that still meanders through the woods, crossing hills, dales, rocks, roots, streams, and grassy knolls, but eliminates the occasional bit of asphalt. The kids course will similarly meander through the January countryside — and the kids race is only five bucks (ten if you want a shirt just like the grownups!).

DIRECTIONS: From Knoxville, take Pellissippi Parkway or Alcoa Highway toward McGee-Tyson airport. Past the airport, bear left toward Maryville on 35 (N. Hall Road) for 3 miles, then turn right onto 321 (Lamar Alexander Parkway). Turn left onto S. Court Street, then turn left into the Maryville College campus. Take your next two right turns, going by the baseball field, then between two football fields. Race begins and ends at the pavilion next to the College Cemetery. Or just point your new-fangled GPS device to latitude 35.749133, longitude -83.960869

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Dirty South Trail Marathon and Half Marathon
February 11, 2018 — 9:00 am EDT

Ken Lonseth, Race Director

This is a fantastic opportunity to tour Knoxville's Urban Wilderness on a loop course that takes in most of the various parks and recreation areas that comprise the UW.

We'll start and finish at Ijams Nature Center, allowing us a comfortable staging area protected from the elements, as well as bathroom facilities, and most importantly, the opportunity to tour the fabulous Urban Wilderness, including a section on the fabulous Baker Creek trails. Stay tuned for course details!

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Dark Hollow Wallow
March 11, 2018 — 2:00 pm (1:30 kids race) — note changed date

Bobby Glenn - Race Director

In the wooded hollows of Big Ridge State Park east of Norris near Maynardville, the 11 mile course delves into long forgotten, mud-slogged crevasses thought to be haunted by haints, demons, banshees, phantoms, and poltergeists. We will also offer a five-mile option for those who choose to spend a bit less time on the trail, and for the first time, short course option runners will receive half Grand Prix points (i.e., 50-45-40-35, etc.,as opposed to the 100-90-80, etc for long), and a shorter still, but equally delightful, kids trail mile course will be offered for the young 'uns. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. And the kids race is only five bucks (ten if you want a shirt just like the grownups!). Oh, yes, there is a hill on the long course. And a few bumps on both.

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North Boundary Traverse
April 8, 2018 — 3:00 pm (2:30 kids race)

Chris George - race director

Turned over to the City of Oak Ridge by the DOE for public use, the beautiful North Boundary area contains over 1300 acres of wooded playland. The main loop traversing the area is gravel jeep road but singletrack trails spur off at a number of points.

The long course (15-16 miles) will involve both the perimeter trail and the internal singletracks, while the short course (10-12k) will primarily run on the singletracks. The same new Grand Prix point system will apply. Once the actual course is determined, details will be posted here, so stay tuned. This one's gonna be fun!

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Baker Creek Blitz
May 13, 2018 - 9:00 am (8:30 kids race)

Tony Owens - Race Director

We're so enamoured with the rollicking new trails at Baker Creek Preserve and so thrilled at the terrific turnout for our inaugural race here in July 2017 that we're gonna do it again, this time in spring. Like last year, we'll have a long and short course, both ascending and descending the biggest, rockiest hills, but — surprise! — this year's 10k will actually be 10k! We'll also offer an outstanding Kids Trail Mile course that's probably the best in our series. Don't miss this one, folks.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The very challenging 5k course will start on Baker Creek, left onto Sycamore Loop, left onto Best Medicine, bomb down Devil’s Racetrack either way, and finish on Baker Creek. The easier (yes, I said easier) 10k course will also start on Baker Creek, left onto part of Sycamore Loop, left onto Red Bud Crest, across the Red Bud Road bridge and back for a short out'n'back, left onto Floyd Fox, left onto Sycamore Loop, left onto Best Medicine, right onto Pappy’s Way, right onto Sycamore Loop and back to the start/finish. We emphasize that portions of these courses are highly challenging and should not be undertaken lightly.

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Sharps Ridge Scuttle
June 9, 2018 — 8:00 am (7:30 kids race)

Stephanie Johnson, Race Director

Sharps Ridge Memorial Park has some of the best views of the Knoxville skyline, just off of Broadway in North Knoxville. The Appalachian Mountain Bike Club is currently developing the trails at Sharps. When finished, the proposed trail system will have an estimated 8 miles of singletrack trail. Our original 2016 plan to combine a few miles of pavement with the singletrack trails changed, leaving just a short burst of pavement at the beginning and the end of the race, along with a short dash along the road at the top of the ridge. Staging area will be the Lincoln Park Technology and Trade Center on Chickamauga Avenue in North Knoxville. The Kids Trail Run will start and finish at the base of the trailhead, so no road running will be necessary for the kiddos. Should be a fun, rather hilly course, and will give the young'uns a taste of the vertical challenges that lie ahead for their parents. As always, the kids race is only five bucks (or ten if you want a shirt just like the grownups!).

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Beatin' a Hastie Retreat
July 8, 2018 — 8:00 am (7:30 kids race)

Michael deLisle - Race Director

As much fun as we had moving to Baker Creek, we truly missed running Hastie. And there's new trails to tour, as well. So once again we'll meet at Anderson South Head Start, then mosey across Sevierville Pike to the starting line on Centeroak. The course will enter the William Hastie Natural Area on the Redwood Trail and start going crazy right away, with the long course covering 9-10 miles and the short one about half that. Once we've devised the actual course, details will be posted here and on the online registration page. Of course, we'll also have a most excellent Kids Trail Mile course that will change from its past route. As always, the kids race is only five bucks. Five bucks for so much fun!

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Haw Ridge Trail Race
August 11, 2018 — 5:30 pm (5:00 kids race)

Jerry Monroe - Race Director

This grand race was birthed in the early 2000s by Runners Market's Kevin Pack and bequeathed to us a few years ago. Since its inception the race has been contested at 5:30pm on the hottest Friday afternoon of the summer (TGIF!) but in 2013, for the first time, we changed that. No, not the 5:30 part, but the Friday part. so we moved to Saturday and — voila! — still tons of fun! Plan on maximum trail fun!

A one mile Kids Trail Race will precede the adult race. The course will offer the youngsters a taste of the fun the grownups will be having thirty minutes later. And the kids race is only five bucks (ten if you want a shirt just like the grownups!).

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Big South Fork 17.5 Mile or 10k Trail Race
September 29, 2018 — 8:30 am

Bobby Glenn, Race Director

One of the most well-respected trail races in the east, the Big South Fork Trail Race has attracted avid trail runners from throughout the region. Since its inception in the mid-1990's, Race Director Bobby Glenn has presented a trail racing classic suitable for hardcore ultra enthusiasts as well as road runners looking for a challenging introduction to off road running.

The course starts and ends at the John Litton General Slavens Trailhead. The first 1½ miles is paved and gravel, with the balance being a single track trail. After a short paved section to exit the campground, runners will follow the gravel road out of the campground area. After about 1 mile on the gravel, runners will enter the trail and descend through the John Litton Farm to the Litton/Slavens trail. Taking a left there, they continue 2½ miles to the Grand Gap Loop. Taking a right there, they follow the 6.8 mile Grand Gap Loop, and then return the entire 5.1 miles to the trailhead via the Litton/Slavens trail. Aid stations at (roughly) 3.5, 8.5, 12, and 14 miles. Course closes in 5 hours.

New in 2012 was a 10k option, a loop course that is primarily singletrack, that has been a hit and will again be offered this year. 10k participants will also receive a long-sleeve cotton T-shirt rather than a short-sleeve as in years past. They will also receive half points in the KTC Treadin' Trodden Trails Grand Prix series, as opposed to none in years past. 17.5 mile racers will, of course, receive full points both in the KTC Grand Prix and the TTT Grand Prix.

There is no day of race registration, so sign up early! And this is the 25th running of BSF, so expect a few extra shenanigans from RD Bobby Glenn!

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I.C. King and Queen of Darkness Trail Race
October 12, 2018 — 7:15 pm (6:45pm kids race)

Andrea Ludwig - Race Director

A delightful circuit of single-track trails, the system at I.C. King Park south of Knoxville offers many miles of winding, hilly footpaths. Frequented by mountain bikers as well as runners, the area is a hidden gem just five miles south of the University of Tennessee.

Now, the park is being expanded — hope are high that it will be by fall 2018; that's part of the reason we've moved this venerable race to October. Plans are for a new, expanded parking area that's NOT off Alcoa Highway (those dangerous access points will be closed permanently!) and new trails on newly acquired land to the north of the original park. Should be a blast! And if the new park isn't quite ready by then, we'll run one last time from the old parking lot.

The best part? This is going to be a night race! Kids will start a few minutes before sunset, so they'll be enjoying a twilight run, just a taste of what the grownups get to do, but the adults will be doing most of their running in full out darkness. Headlamps or handheld flashlights will be required — no exceptions! Course will be well marked and don't be surprised if you spot a few (or more than a few!) Halloween decorations out on the course. After all, the race director is the well-known Queen of Darkness!

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Norris Ultra Dam Hard Trail Race
November 10, 2018 — 7:00 am

Doug Holder and Rebecca Holder, Race Directors

The Norris Dam State Park and Norris Municipal Watershed provides miles and miles of scenic and challenging single-track trails and off-road jeep trails to the delight of avid and competitive trail runners.  The 2015 race included the traditional 25k and 50k races, but added a 50 mile race.  That's right, we did a 50 mile race! Once.

But we came to our senses in 2016 and reverted back to the 25k/50k options, and everyone was happy. This race provides friends, family members, support staff and spectators with multiple opportunities to see their favorite runners along the course.  All aid stations are easily accessible by road so spectators can follow and track their favorite runners as they progress through the course.

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Loyston Point MultiScramble
December 8, 2018 — 11:00 am (10:30 kids race)

Pete Crowley - Race Director

The inaugural running of the Loyston Point Scramble consisted of a 7-8 mile course that wound circuitously through the Loyston Point recreation area, a TVA Norris Reservoir facility also known as Point 19, using marvelous trails including the Hemlock Bluff National Recreation Trail. Lake views are majestic and on the outer loop almost continuous with leaves having already fallen (quite thickly in places.)

The reception we received from participants, coupled with the plethora of new trails that were completed in time for the 2016 race, immediately had us considering lengthening the race significantly. Thus we proudly presented in 2016 and 2017 the Loyston Point Scramble Trail Half Marathon and 10k, as well as a one mile Kids Trail Race that actually approximated a full mile, unlike 2015's sprint mile!). The kids course traverses some of the same trails and offer the youngsters a taste of the fun the adults will be having thirty minutes later. And the kids race is only five bucks (ten if you want a shirt just like the grownups!).

Now, in keeping with our contrarians instincts that fly in the face of the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," we're gonna fix it and fix it good! Not only will we be running a half marathon, 10k, and kids race,k but we're adding a mountain bike component. Details aren't etched in stone yet, but think trail duathlon, maybe run, bike, run again (although runners won't have to do TWO half marathons -- we're crazy, not insane!)

Stay tuned for details. Guaranteed to be both fun and confusing, especially for the race organizers! Registration won't open as quickly as the rest of the series, as we've got some details to figure out.

DIRECTIONS: Hwy 61 E., left on Park Road, right on Forgerty, left on Fox-Mill Creek. Right on Ridge Circle, left on Loyston Point Road. GPS coordinates: 36.269600, -83.964308

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