KTC is dependent upon and appreciative of its many volunteers. Without them, we as a club simply could not function. The following is our way of saying "thanks". At the end of the long distance season:

• Volunteers who work 5 - 12 events (road and trail races, kids runs, adopt-a-highway, track meets, special KTC functions) will receive a special KTC commemorative award.
• Those who work 13-20 will receive one of KTC's great commemorative gifts.
• Those who work more than 20 will receive a truly memorable award.

Three volunteer service awards are given yearly, the Ginny Canfield Memorial Award for excellence in road racing support, the Kerry Trammell Memorial Award for excellence in trail racing support, and the Allan Morgan Award for contributions to the club and community, are presented to the individuals the who best represent the club's volunteer spirit by going above and beyond the call of duty.

Volunteers are asked to keep tally of which events they work, and toward the end of each year, notify Volunteer Coordinator Sara Mlakar. Awards will be presented at the annual Christmas party.

Every time you help out with a KTC race, meet, KTC assisted race, adopt a creek or adopt a highway crew, you earn a coupon. If you work an event which is at least 35 miles outside of Knoxville, or you work any event for longer than 5 hours, you receive two coupons. Each coupon has a redemption value of $5.00. This can be used toward a registration fee, both pre-registration and/or day of race. (an additional coupon for the latter.) It can also be used toward the purchase of KTC merchandise. And if you work a race and like the shirt, you can immediately redeem the coupon for a raceday shirt. As in the past, the purpose of it all is to encourage, recognize, and reward our volunteers.

Volunteers are always needed and welcome for KTC races and track meets. Contact Sara Mlakar to sign up.

The Ginny Canfield Memorial Service Award

Each year since 1986 an award has been given, named for Ginny Canfield, the tireless woman whose energy, skill, and good cheer epitomized the KTC volunteer, to the KTC volunteer or volunteers who best represent the wonderful tradition of volunteerism that had made KTC great, and her husband Hal, one of the founders of our club. Here is a list of those award winners.

• 2016 Alicia Teubert

• 2015 Larry Brede

• 2014 Ken St. Germain

• 2013 Angie and Scott Schmidt 

• 2012 Jill Bedford

• 2011 David Simpson

• 2010 Eric Branch

• 2009 Ed Leaver

• 2008 Ken Childs

• 2007 Felon Wilson

• 2006 Tracy Rafferty

• 2005 Pat Kouns

• 2004 Hayes and Joyce Hunter

• 2003 Jerry and Betty Schohl

• 2002 Doug and Gail Anderson

• 2001 Cindy Spangler

• 2000 Richard Dodson

• 1999 Dave Nelson

• 1998 Brint Adams

• 1997 Ron and Becca Fuller

• 1996 Sherman Ames

• 1995 Mike Marchant

• 1994 Richard French

• 1993 Donnie Baldock

• 1992 Ron and Angie Manis

• 1991 Ian Oxley

• 1990 Marjorie McLean

• 1989 George Clark

• 1988 Dave and Vim Silvus

• 1987 Chuck and Barbara Pate

• 1986 Bob Winter

The Allan Morgan Award

Awarded for the first time in 2010, The Allan Morgan Award, named in honor of our club's first Executive Director, is designed to pay tribute to club members who have an exemplary influence and effect on the community at large, particulary in the area of road racing.

• 2016 Wilbur Hawkins

• 2015 Justin and Kim Emert

• 2014 Jill Matthews

• 2013 Troy and Lindsey Rebert

• 2012 Will Skelton and Lauren Chiles

• 2011 Ken St.Germain

• 2010 Bob Barber

The Kerry Trammell Memorial Award

Awarded for the first time in 2015, The Kerry Trammell Memorial Award, named for the late trail runner and volunteer extraordinaire, is designed to pay tribute to club members who have an exemplary influence and effect on the community at large, particulary in the area of trail racing.

• 2016 Doug and Rebecca Holder

• 2015 DK Stanford